Botanical Drinks with Botanic Lab

French bon vivant at heart, Christophe has been a chef for over 15 years, with the rare luxury of creating many hundreds of food and drink recipes for his own brands (he’s the founder and recipe creator of the successful drinks brand Botanic Lab). Known for his pioneering flair to introduce rare botanical plants to the mainstream consumer, Christophe delights in sharing his passion in fun and informative workshops.

This fun and interactive workshop lets you discover and taste uplifting herbs, plants & botanicals, learn to prepare flavourful drinks, and take part in entertaining group challenges. A whirlwind tour that will involve all your senses to experience new aromas, flavours and sensations – drinks can optionally be mixed with spirits if desired.

The workshop will consist of discovering the plants by tasting, blooming, smelling, and experiencing the unique sensation they conjure up, engaging stories to introduce you to the plants. You will then prepare the drinks yourself before the tasting 
via some group activities and discuss the tasting notes.

Classes can last up to one and a half hours, perfect for 8-20 people.
Prices start from £61 per person.

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