Wine Tasting with Matt Varona

Join Carousel’s resident wine nut Matt Varona for an informative, informal wine tasting session. As well as running the Carousel restaurant, Matt is always on hand to put together wine pairings tailored to your event’s chosen menu. The wine list he manages at Carousel places emphasis on the ‘new old world‘ – the lesser-known regions from Europe that produce idiosyncratic wines.

In these sessions, Matt will introduce the uninitiated to, natural wines in a fun, unpretentious workshop. There will be a particular focus on exploring wines from some not-so-typical wine regions. With the promise to excite and enthrall, Matt will show us that it’s not all Burgundy, Rioja, and Tuscany!

Classes can last up to two hours, perfect for 10-25 people.
Prices start from £43 per person.