Candle Making with McKinley & Paget

Join us for a hands-on masterclass with makers of clean burning, ethically made candles, McKinley & Paget. Founded in London in 2016 in response to a candle market dominated by synthetic scents and mineral waxes, they created a plant-powered candle using essential oils and coconut wax. Now, they produce a whole range of home fragrance goods including room mists and reed diffusers – and every single thing is hand made themselves in their South-East London Studio.

In this workshop, you’ll get the opportunity to create your own scent blends with a range of their essential oils, which you will then form into two 30-hour candles, all using McKinley & Paget’s coconut wax blend and British steel containers. The session will be led by co-founder Jake Paget, who will talk you through the whole process teaching you about the intricacies of oil scent profiles, and guiding you with blend suggestions. For the best experience of this workshop, we’d recommend keeping to a group of around 15 people.

Classes can last up to an hour and a half, perfect for 7-21 people.
Prices start from £43 per person.