Christmas at Carousel is a big, big deal.

Each year it’s an opportunity for us to get creative, going bigger and better every time as we look to lay on the best Christmas parties in London. Our imaginative ideas are expertly executed, weaving together restaurant-quality food and drink, exquisite attention to detail and spectacular production to achieve unforgettable results.

Christmas 2017 promises to be our most ambitious yet, with a unique experience on offer in our Upstairs and Downstairs spaces. We're already taking bookings, so get in touch if you'd like to make an enquiry and to find out more.

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In Japan’s remote Yamagata prefecture, famed for its snow covered conifers, its breathtaking landscapes and its onsen hot springs, there’s a rundown old ryokan where travelers and locals alike take refuge in the freezing winter months…

Guests gather around the peaceful internal courtyard, with its views of the rolling mountains beyond, enjoying a warming ramen broth or a little something from the yakitori grill. Then as night falls, the fun and games begin…

Slide back the screens enclosing the courtyard and a rowdy izakaya drinking den is revealed, serving cold beer and pretty much every sake under the rising sun. There’s a neon-lit side room hosting karaoke, pachinko for the gamblers in the house and Hello Kitty-inspired bathrooms (naturally).

This is Christmas, but not as you know it…


Guests will descend into the courtyard of a traditional ryokan inn, complete with tatami flooring, sliding screens and the snow covered branches of a persimmon tree growing up through the roof.

The screens slide back after dinner to reveal the bustling izakaya within, where the bartenders have a black belt in cocktails and anything goes…


Behind a hidden door in a narrow neon-lit room, revelers can get their karaoke on until the early hours. But only if they know the password.

Unexpected touches of Japanese quirkiness lie in store throughout the evening, from the canopy of umbrellas as you descend the stairs to the Hello Kitty bathrooms.


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