Terrarium Building Workshop with London Terrariums

Create your own ‘Tinyjohn‘ or ‘Demijohn‘* Terrarium at Carousel with the green-fingered experts from London Terrariums. You will learn how a terrarium works, how these self-contained ecosystems survive so well on their own and how to look after them. Terrariums are decorative gardens grown in sealable glass containers that provide just enough of an opening for the gardener to access their plants.

Emma Sibley, found of London Terrariums, loved the concept and began creating out of a sincere desire to engage with nature in the urban environment. After a short introduction to the history and science behind building and maintaining a terrarium, from the different plants you can use to why activated charcoal has become an essential, it’ll be up to you to get your hands dirty and build your own! You’ll receive a Tinyjohn or Demijohn jar to fill with fittonia, ivy, pebbles and moss, and you’ll come away from the evening with your own miniature garden which will carry on growing over the next months and years.

Classes can last up to two hours, perfect for 12-20 people.
Prices start from £49 per person.