Dumpling Making with Chinese Laundry

Dumplings always have some special meaning to most children grew up in a Chinese family, it’s a little pocket filled with flavours that are full of emotions. In China, families and friends gather together and make dumplings as a party theme, as it can take up to half a day from prep to the final dish. It is also really a family recipe dish, that you will find it very different from one family to another.

Tongtong and Peiran opened Chinese Laundry Room in Islington Oct 2015 as self-taught chefs. After fusing their varying styles and techniques, this dynamic duo went on to create menus that use the very best British ingredients, to create sublime dishes with a profound sense of Chinese heritage. The restaurant has a personal collection of dishes on the menu, which is tightly tied to all the childhood taste bud memories when they grow up throughout China.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to make wontons and fold different shapes of dumplings. After the hands-on part you’ll get to taste the delicious wontons served with seaweed shrimp soup and Chinese Laundry house dressing and chilli oil. Take away the spares to share and the techniques to make more of these delicious parcels of goodness in the future.

Classes can last up to three hours, perfect for 4-10 people.
Prices start from £55 per person.

Dumpling Making experience at Carousel Spaces
Dumpling Making at Carousel Spaces